Nature's Gifts, My Promise.

July 27, 2016



Nature.  It just doesn't get the street cred it deserves:)  Influencing every color or fabric, paint, ink out there... our planet is so much more amazing than we sometimes take the time to notice. Providing our waters, our food, our colors, textures, smells... growing, nurturing, putting up with us humans:)  Like a mother we love the most in the world, and yet unintentionally take for granted.



The Chemical Generations


This day and age, it is common for children not to know "where" things came from.  They just appear, in abundance, somehow magically:)  We took the time the other day to explain to our daughter of nine years, just where each of her products actually came from.  How many chemicals make up so many of her items.  It's important to be aware of these things and how they react once introduced to our bodies.  So, I go off what I consider the best advice I was given once, "If you can reduce your toxic (chemical) load by 60% you can feel less horrible and guilty about the other 40%!"  Every little effort counts.



The Pebble Spa Co. attempts to use naturally derived ingredients, sell natural products and help our customers live in harmony with our natural body chemistry. We don't want you lathering on a product that is derived from coal tar or industrial floor cleaners, no matter how amazing that extra chemical made it smell or feel.



My Gripe, My Promise


Try raising a adolescent child who doesn't understand why her mother won't allow her to drink Mountain Dew or put certain nail polish brands on her nails. Explaining how things that smell sooooo good can disrupt her endocrine system and effect her hormones.


So, I explain it as best I can, as simply as I can...


"I love you. I want to stay healthy so that I can be your mamma for as long as possible. I want you to stay healthy, so I will try and control what I can control. Because there is SO much in the world that you will face that is beyond my control. I will feed you food that isn't full of preservatives, because I want you to receive nutrition when you eat, not just fill belly. I will take the money I could be spending on gas station candy/pop everyday and I will put it towards the extra costs of natural shampoos/conditioners/hair products/body products/toothpastes etc. so that when your pores on your skin are wide open in a warm shower, no chemicals will flood them and absorb your blood.  I may be the "bad guy" or "the mom that won't let you do/eat anything" but my promise to you is that it is all because I love you.  Someday, when you are older, a day when everyone is aware of what we do to our bodies and our environment is coming back to haunt us... you will understand and love me even more for loving you so very much."


Dissect your products and see how they rate at...

then toss them and start fresh.  There is no day like today to start reducing your toxic load.

















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