Gluten Free Make Up? What?

May 10, 2016

In beauty products, hydrolyzed gluten is used to make both emulsifiers and stabilizers.  What?  What does that even MEAN?! Is there ANYTHING else that is NOT NEEDED that they won't slam into cosmetics?  Like we didn't have enough to worry about!  I don't personally suffer from gluten related issues... or do I?  All I know is that I don't want even MORE of it in my body, I get enough of it through things I eat. Now a days you just never know what is and what isn't causing an issue inside this complex amazingness that we call our body.


All I know is that IF it's causing issues for people, and it's something that can quite easily be avoided... well, I avoid it. 

It's not rocket science.  We spent months testing and researching product lines before we proudly put our name on it.  The Pebble Spa Mineral Make Up line and Body Products really are top shelf.  100% Organic products can be difficult for some people to switch over completely (because as a consumer we are SO USE to all of the advancements chemical makeup has made*). SO, we went with a product that we feel offers a toxin free, natural alternative.  Although not 100% organic, we are as natural as natural can be these days.  NO parabens, icky preservatives, or gluten and it's made right here in the U.S. of A.


A small adjustment, considering the benefits. 

Think about it.  No, really think about it.  Chemicals are added due to demand. If we wear a mascara that smears a little by the eighth hour of wearing it... well, in the garbage it goes! We can't have that!  Heaven forbid we just wash the crap off by that time and give our skin a break. -please hear my extreme sarcasm.  So, we buy a mascara that's stays put for 18 hours.  How did that happen?  Well, they added a chemical, of course.  Now our mascara is staying on like glue and we forget about it... worse, don't wash it off before we go to bed (another no no)! Sound like anyone you know? 


Now, step back and imagine you have purchased a natural mineral mascara.  You've adapted tolerance, understanding that it won't stick on you like rubber cement and by hour ten, and you wash it off. By choosing a Pebble Spa Make Up, you have saved your eyes from spending WAY too much time under the breathless shell of chemicals. STOP forcing your largest organ (Yes, I'm talking about your SKIN) to absorb all of the preservatives in your make up! You are making the CHOICE to make a proactive decision about what YOU PUT ON YOUR BODY.  A little bit of tolerance goes a long way.  Remember, every time you demand more out of a product, a chemical with a big old nasty name comes along with it and it's usually from the same family line as your floor cleaners. YUK!  So, when there is a natural alternative, that is easily purchased... why would you choose otherwise?  It may be time to give our line a try, what do you think?



Here is a line that we LOVE for KIDS.  Summer may not be here yet, but the hot sun is.  Don't lather your kids beautiful, healthy, new skin in chemicals and crap!  Cut out the toxins from the get go and make smart choices for you and your family.  Check out our ECO  KIDS product line.



* just to be clear, by "advancements" I mean cheating.  Chemicals are added to cheat the death of the product (extend the shelf life), make it last longer, make it not shed off, make the colors vibrant like paint... advancements that are made at the expense of our skin.



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