Love Yourself

April 22, 2016

Love Yourself: Part 2


Getting dressed this morning and grabbed the usual; pair of jeans.  I have taken the time in the past to pick out jeans that flatter my figure and am very confident when I take a pair out of my drawer that I will be happy in them on all day. Thank goodness because my top selection... well, that is another story altogether.  For me, tops and shoes are selected on a daily basis purely off how I am feeling that day. 




Today, I am pre-menstral and feel like I slept in a pool of water my skin is so water logged.  You know, that fantastic morning water fat feeling.  I am also aware that this winter has been a little harder on me than years past and my hibernation weight is going to take a little longer to come off this spring.  I page through my hanger filled wardrobe, the mini scowl on my face getting bigger and bigger. As I touch each top, memories of how that top made me feel last time I wore it, come flooding in.  Soon I sigh out loud and grab the baggiest black tee-shirt I have.  It has a cute slit in the back, good enough.  Then, I toss on a black zip up jacket and put it on over.  Black and black. My fail safe colors. Slimming. Boring. And a pattern I repeatedly fall into because in my closet (although full) is full of NOTHING I WANT TO WEAR.


Point being made;  this is how the choice is inevitably made EVERYDAY.  There are going to be exceptions, times we have pre-selected our outfit the night before because we have an event.  But I can guarantee that those outfits have a history also. We can't rely on how we feel each morning, or we will all be wearing black tees and jeans everyday.  We have to rely on making good clothing choices when we shop, therefore ONLY having good choices to choose from when we get dressed in the morning.  You picking up what I am putting down?



By being aware of how certain styles make you feel, how colors you wear effect your mood, what types of fabrics make your skin happy all day... 









Apply THOSE things when you are out shopping and you will save yourself time, a bunch of money and most importantly... daily frustration. 




If you were standing in front of me, while in The Pebble shopping... I would ask you a few questions. (Assuming you had asked me to help, of course:)


Closet Inventory:

Pants- how many pairs, how many pairs do you actually wear in one week? Of those styles you gravitate towards, what style are they?

Tops- What three colors are most dominant? Let's think spring.  What style of top do you wear the most?


Dresser Inventory:

What do you keep in drawers?  Underwear, Socks, and stuff is the usual.  How many drawers are dedicated to those things?  You many not realize this, but the first few things you put on before you clothes are very telling. 

What is in the other drawers?


When was the last time you bought yourself a piece of clothing? What was it? How many times have you worn it since buying it? 


In three or less words, describe how you dress. (I only ask this because you are not right in front of me)


Last, but not least... what do you want to fix about your wardrobe?





With these answered, we can figure out your pattern.  Let's take this one step father... email me with your answers I will send you a sort of style evaluation, it will be fun!  No body measurements, no weights.... let's just see what we can come up with, without seeing you. Oh come on, what's the worst it can do?!!




Let's go one MORE step further.  Write me a description of what YOU felt this morning and what you chose to wear because of those thoughts.


I will post a few of the submissions on this blog next week! (No names used, if that's what you choose)





So, you've figured out what your closet is trying to tell you. You are now aware of what choices you make, probably again and again.  How do you add/change what you don't like?  By shopping smart and not over indulging.  Just because we CAN doesn't mean we SHOULD.  Just because I can fit into shorty shorts, certainly doesn't mean I should wear them.  Just because my college sweats are really comfortable, doesn't mean I should walk around town in them.  You get my point. There are places for everything and there is a CLASS that needs to be maintained. 


Some classic styles are good on ANYONE, and never go out of "fashion"... hence the title CLASSIC.  By finding your style, finding your comfort... I guess, finding yourself a bit... you everything will fall into place.  You just need to find the super hero confidence in you:)  We all have one... somewhere.
















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