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April 6, 2016


Fabrics we WANT to FEEL on...


Has anyone else noticed how great fabrics have been feeling over the past half a decade or so? I mean, there could have been "nice feeling" fabrics out there all along, but nothing like what is on the market today.  I notice that I am prone to touching clothing while I sort through racks, finding that one top that I NEED (as a basic requirement to stay alive, that is:).  If I touch something that feels good, I will be 99% more likely to buy it. Ahhhh..... and the marketing master plan comes full circle.  From baby blankets and ultra plush toys to what we put on in the morning... is precisely "spun" to appeal to the touch.


As I  am taking pictures yesterday; dressing and undressing mannequins, this is what is flooding my thoughts. Not only how soft the fabric is, but how it FALLS.  How fabric lays, clings, drapes, whatever you want to call it.  This is a detail that I think we neglect, or don't think about all together.  When I put on a top, depending on how it's sewn and how the fabric feels and falls, is going to decide whether or not it's comfortable.  This is something we might ignore in the store because we have fallen in love with the style, pattern or color.  Half the time we might not even try it on!


Two out of three ain't bad...

(although 3/3 is ideal!)


We get home, put on the top... and hate the fit!  It clings where it shouldn't, the fabric is stiff, it twists... a million reasons that you will take it off and opt for "your favorite tee" time and time again.  Money spent, money wasted.  So, the clothing industry has converted your "favorite tee" material into fashion.  Giving you a top that, even on the odd chance that you might not LOVE the cut of the top once on, you will keep it on... because it FEELS amazing on your skin.  You following me? :)  This is a GOOD problem.  Two out of the three options are checked off...

1) LOVE COLOR/PATTERN 2) LOVE HOW IT FEELS/FALLS. Even if the CUT is a little off, you will STILL WEAR IT. You will use it was a layering piece, you will find SOME way to wear it.  Because it's comfortable. End of story.


Life span of item; ENDLESS! 


So, here I am, placing tops and dressing this cloth, headless lady, noticing how amazing the fabrics are and how nicely they fall.  Mentally choosing all of the items I would purchase; easily justifying that I will have this and that  top/dress for years to come.  Why am I so sure? Because I know that if something is comfortable, I am going to grab it out of my closet 99% of the time.  I will wear it as my dress clothes, then as a 'go to' layering piece... depending on what it is, it might eventually make it's way into my sweatpants drawer.  IT WILL BE "THAT" top that I don't care doesn't match with my old sweatpants, because NO ONE is going to see me and I AM DAMN comfortable!  Life span of item; ENDLESS!  Why? because it was too comfortable to toss, give away or NOT WEAR.



What if 75% of your closet was filled with THOSE fabrics?  You would wear a lot more of your clothes, wouldn't you? 


Look at this dress.  This dress will look good on just about everyone that tries it on.  It's amazingly comfortable, it drapes in all the right places.  The rouching in the breast area will add the appearance of a full chest while the twisted waist will grab attention away from the breast area, if "adding" wasn't necessary:)  The thick strap lets you wear a "normal" bra, increasing your comfort all around.  It is these dresses that I like to call, pajamas in disguise.





I guess my whole point on this (yes, I do have one!) is that we are wasteful with our clothing selections.  We don't mean to be!  We just buy things that look nice and don't think about how long that item will actually be used, or how many times we will actually wear it.  I was pretty sure that I wear about 25% of my closet.  To Test this theory, I started putting all of my clothes that just came out of the laundry on one side of my closet (instead of in their color coded spots.. lol)... and I WAS RIGHT.  I wear the same things over and over.  I grab comfort. Do you?




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